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Senior Health Partners

For Independent Living
Enjoy the security of coordinated care with Senior Health Partners. By joining Senior Health Partners Senior Health Partners, a New York City care alternative for seniors who need care but want to live at home and remain independent.you'll have access to complete health, social, emotional, nutritional and rehabilitation services. Senior Health Partners will provide many of the services you need. For the services we don't directly cover, we will help you obtain the services you need. Your Senior Health Partners administered care team will help you stay at your physical and mental best.

Health Care
To Meet Your Needs

All health and health-related services you need are provided or coordinated by Senior Health Partners. Coordination means that we help you to receive the care you need even when we are not directly responsible for Senior Health Partners' people listen.the services. Whenever you need assistance, a member of your managed care team is there for you. You'll receive regular nursing assessments as well as assistance in scheduling dental and foot care appointments. To help you stay active, you may receive rehabilitation therapy when medically necessary, or participate in exercise programs.

In the event that you require Nursing Home care or rehabilitation, it will be provided for you at one of our network facilities, or other quality network provider. If hospital care is necessary, your managed care team will coordinate it for you. We will help you receive all the services you need regardless of whether they are covered under our plan or Medicare, or Medicaid traditional coverage.
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